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gum arabic

: Stages of production and marketing of gum arabic

The production of gum arabic starts from the Sudanese farmer who wounds the gum trees. The mucus begins after the bark is removed and the gum is collected several times

The farmer will sell it and sell it in one of the main crop auction markets. Then the dealers will buy the gum and then conduct some sorting, cleaning and sorting operations and then sell it to gum arabic ltd


: Category

Mohammed Ali Mdather's business offers different types of gum extracted from wasps. Hashab gum is considered to be of the highest quality and the pure color is the preferred choice for use in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

The company offers another type of lower quality, known as tulha, which is extracted from the acacia tree and has various application uses


Properties of gum


The gum has the solubility of 55% of the concentration, it dissolves in water, the other types of gum are either insoluble in cold water, or are soluble, and in either case they are not a real solution


30% of the water solution gives less than one hundred (face viscosity), ie, the gum arabic is not very high. This concentration represents the highest viscosity degree, which can be obtained only at a concentration of 40% to 50%

Composition of the membrane

Gum Arabic because of its properties in the composition of the membrane made it the ideal material for the manufacture of candy and printing


The gum arabic is high and stable to absorb, making it very useful in the preparation of the flavor of oily food in the water, especially citrus

the color

Not for gum, high quality, color. The average color is pale and tends to yellow


Not all gum arabic taste, and therefore all products with flavor manufactured with the glue of the seed is not affected by it, nor does it lose it taste


Gum arabic is a self-fiber by 95% as studies have shown


Calories of gum arabic are officially listed in the United States as less than one calorie per gram, ie they have a low thermal price because of its slow absorption

Reduced cholesterol

International medical research has shown that eating 35 grams of gum arabic a day reduces cholesterol levels in the blood


The gum arabic does not contain toxic substances, and it is generally recognized as being safe and free of toxins, with the certification of the competent organizations

With food and food in Europe and the United States

: Various industrial uses

: The characteristics and characteristics of the individual gum arabic made it the best choice in the following industries, for example

Manufacture of glass coatings

High-tech ceramics

Paper coatings

Purification and filtering of ores of some minerals

Textile equipment

Materials for corrosion of metals

Stationery (Adhesives, Adhesives)

Students' materials and bohemians


Manufacturing ink for printing

Composition of medicines and vitamins


Dried gum arabic is used in the manufacture of capsules and medicinal purposes. It is one of the oldest and best used as a well known beverage for treating cough. Gum Arabic is used in the manufacture of cosmetics, such as face paints, creams, hair creams, creams and preservatives.

Food industry workers use gum arabic in part as a natural food supplement, helping to add food soluble fiber, which gives it a good taste. Arabic chewing gum has a long history in the industry, such as the confectionery industry, which requires high concentrations of gum, which can reach 50% of the solution. Gum Arabic is currently used to increase the suffering of chronic kidney failure patients by lowering the urine in the blood.

: Uses in sweets

The use of gum arabic in the confectionery industry is one of the most important uses as the gum Arabic extracted from the tree is recognized as the best and preferred for the production of soft sweets of high quality

Gum Arabic is used in this industry mainly in its natural form. In this way, sweets make a better taste. The confectionery industry also has qualities that make it soft, cohesive, free of viscosity and remain in the mouth for a longer time.

Recently, soft sweets with low calories have been successfully made and the gum content is 40-50%.

Gum Arabic is considered one of the most distinctive materials that keep the flavor and is used by the manufacturers to give the sweets a good taste that lasts for a long time.

Gum Arabic is used to ensure the distribution and balance of oily or fatty flavor and prevents the crystallization phenomenon in sweets, which use a high percentage of sugar cane - sucrose -.

The Arabic gum has a characteristic in the formation of the high layer of some sweets, fruits and nuts, in addition to its use in the manufacture of high-end sweets resistant to tooth decay, since it is characteristic to resist the organic degradation caused by microbes in the human mouth leading to decay.

: Processing of gum arabic

Gum arabic, which is produced in the form of granules and mechanical powder, is part of the exports of Mohammed Ali Mdather's business to the outside world.

. In any case, the company applies strict quality control to meet the needs of its customers


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