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Vegetation description
Herbaceous plant grows limited to 30-40 cm.
Its leaves are composed of a thin, dark green complex. The plant carries small white-purple flowers in tentacles and rectangular oval fruits, each of which quickly explodes when dried into two curved leaves. The color of the tangerine is olive green, and is 0.4 to 0.7 cm in length and 2-3 mm in diameter, aromatic and slightly bitter.

Food Information

Each 100 g of latency, according to the US Department of Agriculture, contains the following nutritional information:


Fat: 22.27

Saturated fat: 1.53

Carbohydrates: 44.24

Fiber: 10.5

Proteins: 17.81

Cholesterol: 0

Economic importance and uses

As a diuretic and an antiseptic for gastric and urinary tracts - anti-congestion and intestinal spasms - to expel tapeworm and intestinal worms - the fragmentation of kidney stones and wart oocytes - the treatment of indigestion and anti-mastitis - Treatment of dyspnea, asthma and coughing - Preparation of soup and kari - as a remedy - Stop nose bleeding - Improve skin color - Treatment of urination - As a dressings for breast and testicular congestion - Plant toothache - Cheese and sausage industry - Anti-oxidant - CHOLESTEROL - ROOT TREATMENT Atesm - spirits industry.

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