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Sesame oil is edible vegetable oil derived from sesame seeds. In addition to its use as cooking oil in southern India and also in southern Saudi Arabia, especially in the region of Barrak, it is considered as cooking oil and treatment, and has special care since ancient times.

It is often used as a flavor enhancer in China, Japan, Korea, and to a lesser extent in South East Asian cuisine.

Sesame oil has a popularity in alternative medicine - from massage and traditional treatments to innovations in modern times. Sesame oil is used in traditional medical practice of Indian Ayurveda to soothe the symptoms of stress related. Current research also suggests that the presence of antioxidants and unsaturated fats in sesame oil may help control blood pressure.

Sesame oil is popular in Asia, and is also one of the oldest known crop oils, but modern production worldwide is still limited today due to the inefficient manual harvesting process required for oil extraction.

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